If you’ve ever dreamed of more of the original STUF. Ya know, the creamy center of the Oreo. And LOTS more of it, I’m here to tell you, that all of your Oreo dreams are coming true! Yup, Most Stuf Oreos are here and they are everything you’ve ever wanted!
Oreo has released many different variations of America’s favorite cookie over the years. We’ve seen everything from birthday cake flavor to mystery flavor. But the real winners are those extra stuffed cookies. Oreo has released the double stuf and mega stuf cookies. But this time, they have really outdone themselves. The most stuf is the ultimate stuffed cookie. You mind as well just be eating an entire serving a filling. And really, who’s complaining?  
The Most Stuf Oreo has so much filling it almost looks like one of those toothpaste Oreo pranks you’ve seen floating around the internet.

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Don’t worry if you haven’t seen these Oreo’s in-store near you yet. These were announced back in October 2018 on The Junk Food Aisle Instagram so they are still making their way to store shelves as we speak! What do you think? Is this something you will try and enjoy? Or is it a bit too much?

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