If you haven’t seen Bird Box, then you should either stop reading this right now, or go check out this play-by-play write-up explaining the entire thing. But if you have seen it, then you can’t stop thinking about it.   And, you may not realize it, but you also totally get the reason behind the movie’s crazy success. You see, it all starts out with Sandra Bullock as the reluctant about-to-be parent. She’s pregnant, and the world is basically coming to an end. Look, if you’re a parent, then you already know this feeling. You’ve sat there, staring at your belly thinking crazy things like, “What if the world ends before this baby gets to see it?” or “How would I deal with this baby and being pregnant in a doomsday scenario?” It’s just practical thinking, people. And by practical I mean totally crazy pregnant brain thinking. Which is why we all instantly get the situation she’s stuck in. 🙂 In the opening scene, when she’s yelling at her kids, you can feel exactly what she feels. She’s yelling at them in the “you have to do this for your safety” mom voice, and she NAILS IT. We’ve all lost our temper a time or two, but you can tell that this isn’t about tempers lost or being upset, this is the voice we use when our kid runs out into the middle of the street chasing after a ball or when they’re about to fall into the pond. This is the mom voice. And then she has to make that choice. You know the one– where she’s got to decide between the two kid’s she’s raising as her own. Except one of them actually IS her own kid, and the other is a kid she promised someone she would raise as her own and has raised since birth.   And then, she doesn’t choose. She can’t pick one over the other. THAT is when you know she’s a mom. She’s a real mom. Even though she tried to keep herself completely detached from the kids by not naming them, even though she’s done everything she can to keep them safe, it’s in that moment that she is the most relatable mom on the planet. And it’s in that moment that you, as a parent, start to question what you would have done. I have to be honest, I can’t stop thinking about it. Would I have risked all our lives to save the life of one of us? I just don’t know. That’s what makes it SO GOOD. The reason parents love this movie so much is because it’s all about coming into your own as a parent. It’s all about realizing how much you love your kids. It’s all about understanding what it’s like to put someone else’s life before your own. No matter what. And that is the best part of all. Want to know why defiant kids are actually the best thing ever? Check it out here.

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