Santa Caught On Nest Cam 2018

So, Santa was caught last year on our Nest camera in the living room…we hadn’t realized how strategically it was placed next to our Christmas tree!

Well, this year we knew to check as soon as we got up to see if we had another Santa sighting caught on tape.

Santa Caught On Nest Cam 2018

And the jolly one did not disappoint.

This year his antics included logging into Fortnite, flossing (as in the dance) and taking a nap on the couch.

Yep, he also insulted my baking…thanks Santa.

Merry Christmas!

Let us know about any Santa sightings your family might have had this year in the comments below!



  1. Hi I’m Ava I caught Santa

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Ava! I hope you let him go–he had a big night ahead of him, haha!

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