Encourage kids to embrace their love of the sport and develop great sportsmanship skills!

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We review a lot of subscription boxes here at Kids Activities, because there are so many fabulous ones that give kids the opportunity to explore, create, and learn! We love that! The one thing that’s been missing though? A subscription box that’s geared toward kids who love and play sports.

So, we’re super excited to introduce you to the fabulous, kids’ sports subscription boxes from Sports Box Co.!

Sports Box Batter Up

Designed for kids who love baseball, softball, football, hockey, and basketball, each box comes with the things they need to become better athletes and better teammates – while having a ton of fun doing it!

Why the Sports Box Co. was Created

We asked the creator of Sports Box Co. to tell us a bit about why he created the boxes and what the purpose is. “I love sports and enjoy coaching – that was why I even came up with this idea. I include the tip cards each month and I often include something about sportsmanship or about the importance of good body language even when things don’t go your way.

This month it was about practicing on your own, but always taking care of your school work or family responsibilities first. The goal is to build a confident, respectful, goal oriented young person and, if they happen to become a great athlete too, then that’s a bonus. If kids aren’t having fun playing sports then they won’t play as long and can’t develop those off-the-field strengths, nor will they have the knowledge of how to be part of a team later in life.”

We love that! But….we were also curious how exactly a kids’ subscription box could do that. So, we asked!

Sports Box Batter Up Items Inside

How the Sports Box Co. Subscription Boxes Help Kids Have Fun and Become Better Athletes

“So the how is simply with a monthly box of fun & training ,” Coach Joe explained. Each box includes:

  • Fun accessories and other products to keep the game fun on and off the field, because any young athlete who strives to be great needs to love and enjoy the game.
  • Training aids to get the kids out there playing more on their own or with friends and working on their skills so they can get better everyday.
  • Drills and tips to give them some skill specific drills but also advice on how to be a better athlete and person mentally and emotionally as well as physically. With kids there are many that are highly skilled but it is difficult to control their emotions throughout a game or season so we hope all these things combined help them learn in all areas and just get out there have fun and play!”

That makes the boxes even better!

Sports Box Batter Up Neatly Packaged

Who Would Like the Sports Box Co. Subscription Boxes

  • Any young athlete
  • Kids and grandkids who love baseball, softball, basketball, football, or hockey
  • PTA and Sports Teams who need to do fundraisers!! (How easy would these be to sell for those organizations?!?!)
  • Coaches who want to give their team a gift at the end of the season
  • and more!

You can watch our live unboxing of the Batter Up! Kid Pitch Box above or on Facebook . It was great fun and definitely a subscription service that kids would love!

Be sure to check out the Sports Box Co. Subscription Boxes here!

(P.S. – You can save 20% on your first month’s box with the code PLAY20)!

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