If you asked me to name a couple of days that my kids REALLY misbehaved, most of them… …would be behind-the-scenes of a family photo. family photo So, while grandmas, distant relatives and friends might ooooo and ahhhhh over the results, you wouldn’t want to see the journey. What is it about a professional photograph that brings out family angst? You can diagnose this family photo angst with the following symptoms: grumpiness, inability to smile, inability to look where directed, general fatigue, and even outright defiance. The problem with this angst is that it can’t be reasoned with… Please look less sour for just a few minutes and it will be over! We can’t leave here until mom has at least one good picture! Seriously, if you would just look pleasant for a moment, this torture would end! It is ridiculous! And I hate to scare those of you with small children, but kids don’t grow out of this. At our last family picture session, one of my kids was as bad as I have ever seen him. My boys are 12, 14 & 17! We apologized to the photographer for his behavior on multiple occasions. So embarrassing! But when we came back to choose our finished pictures, all the ugliness was photoshopped and cropped out. We were shown the sanitized version of our photo shoot! I don’t even know how she had enough decent photos to show us. homer family photo And I have a handful of really good photos that I will pretend is a slice of our life… It is a good lesson to remember when on social media…things aren’t always as they seem! {hugs} Holly

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