Between you and me, sometimes I long for the days of yore. The days when I sat at my desk eating a vanilla-iced cupcake topped with Red Hots. The days when my friends and I plucked as many heart-shaped sugar cookies from a tray as we wanted. The days when classmates tucked Valentine’s Day cards in my shoebox, the shoebox I had carefully decorated with construction paper. Those were the days, don’t you agree? But today: Today could also be the day. Because today, I have something to share with you. It is FREE. In this economy, you probably like free as much as I do. It is design-y. Which is better than those Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer-themed V-Day cards at the store. And it is homemade. And I think we can all agree that homemade is best, be it food or crafts. (Except maybe that chocolate souffle. If your skills are anything like mine when it comes to souffle, we should just leave that to the professionals.)

MasonBaronet Valentine chain letters

Now, I may be biased because my husband, Roger, created the “soulmate” stop motion animation with me in mind. But I’m not selfish! I’m happy to share these sweet love notes with you, and for you to share them with those YOU love. Because that’s what Valentine’s Day is for: to give sweet nothings with the ones you love. So Happy Valentine’s Day to you – won’t you be mine?

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