The best thing about toddlers is we can do things to them that entertains both us and them all at the same time. Like when you play peekaboo and it makes you laugh because they seriously think you’ve disappeared every time. Or when something as simple as a bubble beard during bath time is the funniest thing they’ve ever experienced. Or this. While dad is holding his sweet little girl, he boops her nose. Only, unlike usual this is a special boop. Every time he touches her nose, it makes a loud beeping sound. The first time it happens, this little one doesn’t have any idea what to think. So, he goes to do it again. Only, she apparently really liked it so she takes matters into her own hands. Take a look! I love that this kiddo thinks she has a magical nose. Or, at very least a very noisy nose. I don’t know how long this went on, but I like to think he’s still booping her nose to this day.

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