We all love to see siblings getting along. As a parent, when our kids get along it’s like the universe is aligned and we should go out and buy a lottery ticket. Not that they fuss at each other all the time or anything, but to see them truly getting along and playing together can be a rare sighting. So rare, in fact, that when I see it at my own house I sometimes look around for what was broken or what they’re trying to hide from me. But, I digress. These two decide to dance together and are having a fantastic time when brother decides to pick his sister up and swing her around. Around and around and around. And when he sets her down, well, take a look! So maybe next time they dance together he might try swinging her a few less times. She looks like that’s one dance lesson she might want to forget. I love that they both had fun, but any fun that ends with someone on the floor swaying might be a little ‘too much’ fun…

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