Start your kids in the kitchen young so they can master the skills they will need throughout their lives! You can find tons of fun Tools for Kids in the Kitchen for them to use and have fun with while you’re teaching them!

Kids in the Kitchen: Tasks for Every Age Kids love to help out in the kitchen, whether it’s mixing, cutting, cleaning they’re always eager to jump in and help at a young age! Make sure to teach them the skills they need now and bring them in to help you. It’s a great chance to not just teach them valuable techniques but also to spend quality time together!

Kids in the Kitchen: Age Appropriate Kid Tasks

3-5 Years Old Kids at the age LOVE to help in the kitchen, but you should be sure to supervise and only give them age-appropriate tasks to do. Use Cookie Cutters – This was always one of my boy’s favorite tasks! Using cookie cutters to cut out shapes of cookies, sandwiches, biscuits and more. Wash fruits and veggies – Give them a bowl of water and let them rinse your grapes, strawberries, tomatoes and more! Help Clean Up – Put them in charge of cleaning up the table and counter tops. Place dishes in the sink and throw garbage away. Kids in the Kitchen: Tasks for Every Age 6-8 Years Old Kids in this age group can usually handle more because their fine motor skills are more developed! Be sure to continue to assistant and supervise! Use a can opener – Have your kiddo be in charge of opening cans for you by using a hand can opener! Crack Eggs – Kids of all ages love to do this but I’ve found that until they’re about six or seven they don’t do it as well! Beat Eggs – This is a job that your 3-5 year olds can do with a little supervision as it can get a little messy! Wash and Rinse Veggies – Don’t ever skip this step! Have your kiddos get involved and learn that cleaning your veggies is an important step! Blunt Sizzors for cutting Lettuce – A lot of times the lettuce pieces are way too big for little mouths, have your kids cut them into pieces! Measure & Mix Dry Ingredients – This job is not just great for cooking but their’s some great math skills that can be learned when you’re cooking! Juice Lemons – This is just a fun job! My son LOVES to juice lemons! Use a Vegetable Peeler – Make sure you supervise when kids are peeling veggies as you can easily cut your fingers!

Kids in the Kitchen: Tasks for Every Age

9-12 Years Old Bake and Microwave Food – This is a great age to start having your kids use the stove and microwave! Boil Water for Pasta – Learn the skill of boiling water for pasta, potatoes and more! Teach kids the difference between gas and electric stoves. Slice & Chop Veggies – Start with a plastic knife so they are less likely to cut themselves! Follow a Recipe – Read and follow a step by step recipe for cooking and baking! Easy Recipes to Start Kids in the Kitchen Hashbrown Egg Cups Protein Smoothie Breakfast Banana Split

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