My son started preschool a while back and he was having hard time adjusting to it. He was having trouble particularly when we would pick him up. He was grumpy, he had extra energy and was not transitioning well from being at school to being back and connecting with us. My husband had an idea…

Superhero Surprise For Kids

Surprise your child and make an ordinary school pick up into an extraordinary one by pretending to be the SUPERhero of the day! Don’t over think it! You don’t have to possess any superhuman powers or abilities. It’s simple. Pick up some masks of your child’s favorite superheros from a local store (or home) or print them online. I found mine here. Then, choose a random day, put on a superhero mask and pick up your child from school. Just imagine the reaction on your child’s face when you pull up to his school looking like his favorite superhero! Our son is into superheroes at the moment (which 5 year old isn’t) and anything superhero makes his eyes pop and puts a smile on his face. My husband does a surprise superhero school pick up once a week. Our son doesn’t know which day it will be or which superhero he will see, but every time he gets so excited and tells all his friends the next day how Superman picked him up from school. Don’t forget that being picked up from school by a world superhero would will create an unforgettable childhood memories for your kids which they will cherish for years and years to come. If you are a parent – you have superpowers. So why don’t you be a SUPERHERO?

More Surprises For Kids

Would you like to WOW your kids with surprises that won’t break a bank and won’t take all of your time planning? “100 Surprises For Kids To Knock Their Socks off” ebook has enough surprises for you to last a long time. Lunchbox surprises, Birthday Surprises, Back To School surprises, When you are away surprises and many many more.  

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