I do pretty well with basic house keeping.   I mean, nobody is handing out homemaking medals to me, but I get by respectably in every area…except one. The refrigerator. *insert ominous chilly music* I would likely to end up on a special fridge episode of Hoarders if the show producers ever caught wind of how long I have been storing single serve bacon (exp. date 6/08). Every year around this time under the influence of resolution fever, I usually pledge to improve the quality of life for those residing inside my refrigerator.   Pity the poor produce that ends up in my drawer. This year is the same… EXCEPT I did something about it. I decided to clean the fridge. *cue that ominous chilly music we heard previously* And so I sprayed, and wiped, and sprayed, and wiped…and threw away a bunch of fuzzy food. The results were so incredible, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. I then called my husband over to look.   He pretended to be impressed to make an easy kitchen escape. The most shocking thing to the makeover was how LIGHT the fridge seemed… Note to self:   I have clear fridge shelves. Anyway, I am really proud of my effort and the end result.   If you stop by my house in the next week, you WILL be shown the fridge.   It is that good.

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  1. OK, I am relieved that the pictures are your AFTER pictures. Because I thought…WOAH…that Holly is sure anal-retentive about how she keeps the food in her fridge! All lined up? Labels to the front? 🙂 That is one clean fridge!!!

  2. Hey – while I was at your house yesterday I noticed the fridge and I was SUPER impressed! Who knew a little grime fighter and some resolution willpower could go so far! Great job! Wanna come over and do mine?

  3. You’re not alone.

    I don’t call it the “crisper,” I call it the “rotter.” Things get even worse when hubby does the dishes and decides to wrap all the leftovers in tidy little foil packets which nobody can subsequently identify. Yuk.

    My fridge is a science experiment!