Primary Colors Wheel: Let’s Make A Color Pie!

Mixing colors is one of those basic art concepts that children of all ages love.  There is great satisfaction in taking two globs of paint and creating your very own, unique shade of a new color!

A Color Pie is a fun way to demonstrate mixing primary colors together.  Begin with a paper plate split into six pie pieces.  I taped off my sections but your could just draw them.

Next, using the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) have your child paint alternating pie pieces.  Painters tape provided a great barier so you didn’t need to worry about blurring or painting outside the lines with your preschoolers.  Then, using the Color Pie as a guide, mix two colors together & paint that new color in the appropriate pie piece.  For example, if your child mixes blue & red together, their new shade of purple would go in the empty pie piece between the two colors.

We had fun guessing what colors we were creating by mixing the two primary colors.

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to put the toppings on your pie & share your creations!

While I’m thinking about it…does anyone else call a pizza a “pie”?  If you need to call this Color Pizza for your kids, then go with that! :)

Want another paint experiment??  Try “creating your own color” – see what happens when your kids mix to their hearts content.  My kids usually come up with a variation of brown.

Like this?  Check out one of our inspirations – this is another color wheel created from recycled materials from Preschool Daze.

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