Birthday Party Pretend Play

Birthday parties are such a special event in a child’s life. My daughters long for their birthdays – they draft guest lists, plan party games and dream about what kind of cake they would like. We don’t host especially extravagant parties in our house, just an old-fashioned kind of tea party, but they are an occasion to look forward to and a year seems such along time to wait until the next one when you’re five. But who say’s birthdays have to be just once a year when you can have fun with some birthday party pretend play?

Host a birthday, any day of the year

Here are our ideas for hosting a pretend birthday party, any day of the year

:: all parties need a cake of course. We made ours from two cereal boxes, wrapped in pink and white paper and glued together. Glitter sprinkles and real candles complete the look. A no-calorie, sugar-free, everlasting cake sounds good to me!

:: traditional party games don’t have to be reserved just for a real birthday either. Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and pass the present all include different skills children can practice: taking turns, listening skills, active body play.

:: giving and receiving gifts encourages kids to be kind and gracious. My daughters love to use our left-over gift paper to wrap up boxes, books and toys and pretend to give them to each other. Selecting the right size wrap for a gift actually helps children think mathematically, and they can practice scissor skills and develop nimble fingers as they cut, tie and stick on ribbons and bows.

:: you can easily create a tea party and invite siblings and teddies to join in. We like to use our favorite chocolate playdough recipe to make cup cakes or the girls sometimes draw sandwiches and sweets on paper and cut them out to serve on fancy plates.

Do your kids love birthday party pretend play?

What birthday fun do your kids love the most?

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