Healthy Kids. Healthy Community.

Eating foods that are healthy and staying active are some of my personal ambitions, and one of our family’s struggles. It is easy to turn to convenience or to look at the frosty weather and decide to stay inside. I need community and accountability to help motivate us towards healthy living – and guarding the emotional well-being of my kids. That is one of the reasons I am so thankful for the Horizon Healthy Families Community – there are lots of other moms in the same position I am in, seeking to improve our families – together.

Angelique, who blogs about the Magic of Play, started a conversation on the community about the benefits of music in our kids lives.  How music can be used to calm our kids and help our kids learn and develop.  She would love to hear about ways that your kids have learned through music.


We all struggle getting the kids outside in the winter.  This mom wants to know what you do – when your kids have that seemingly permanent drippy nose, do you worry about your kids colds and keep them inside?  Or do you want them to get extra Vitamin D and send them outdoors, snotty noses and all?.

And then there is the whole dilemna, it’s raining or snowing, and the kids can’t go outside… and they are bouncing off the walls!  Come tell us your ideas of ways to help channel your children’s energy – while indoors.

A smile is medicine for the heart.  How do you put a smile on your children, or your hubby’s face?
Thanks to the Horizon Healthy Families Community for sponsoring Quirky Momma, and for promoting healthy habits.

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