Salt and Water Experiment

We had been expecting it for awhile, but it finally arrived!

Kiwi Crate (affiliate link)!  It is one of the best days of the month when our mailbox holds the green box.

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Kiwi Crate with Salt water experiment

Each Kiwi Crate is packed full of learning play and Rhett(6) was excited to open it and find a Salt and Water Experiment.

salt and water experiment in kiwi crate The crate also contained a fishing game, but we are going to show you the ocean experiment today.

  • Did you know that the ocean is very salty?
  • With this project, run an experiment to explore what happens when you place items in salt water, like the ocean vs. fresh water.
  • What do you think will happen?

water and salt for experiment Salt Water Science


  • 2 cups
  • salt {2 oz}
  • spoon
  • small bar of soap
  • various balls {that would fit in the cup}
  • paper to write observations
  • water

Will the ball float in salt water? Instructions:

1.  Fill both cups with water about 3/4 full.

2.  Add the salt to ONE cup and stir with spoon.

3.  Continue to mix the salt until is is almost all dissolved.

4.  Take one of the balls and make a prediction whether it will float or sink in the tap water vs. the salt water.

ball sinks in both salt and tap water 5.  Place the ball in both and record your results.

6.  Repeat with the other balls.

7.  Now try the experiment again with a small bar of soap.

soap floats in salt water See how the soap sinks in the regular water and floats in the salt water!

We recorded our results:

salt and water experiment recorded results Why did it float in salt water?

Salt water is heavier than fresh water.  When an item is light, it will float in both the tap water and the salt water.  When it is a bit heavier, it will sink in the tap water and float in the salt water.  If it is really heavy, it will sink in both.

How fun was this experiment for kids?

science experiment reaction I think that says it all!

Kiwi Crate generously provided the supplies and instructions for this Salt and Water Experiment.

They provide monthly projects that spark creativity and curiosity for kids ages 3-7.  All materials and inspiration included.  We found the supplies they sent to be high quality and age appropriate resulting in several hours of fun.

Hands-on Activities from Kiwi Crate
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