Science… in the Kitchen

Thanks to each and everyone of you who share fun activities for our kids to do together – you are an inspiration to me (and the source of many of the pins that I tag with hopes of doing that activity “one day”).

This week’s collection of science projects is from our archives. We just welcomed our sixth kiddo into our home and are adjusting to the craze of our new-and-improved family.

These are all super simple science experiments that you can easily replicate at home, with items commonly found in your kitchen. Kids live learning through experiments and I love easy!

Science in the kitchen
Science in the Kitchen

Water turning arrow – watch how the curve of the water affects the shape of the arrow.  Does it change with different types of cups?

See how salt changes temperature – I love the simplicity of this one using ice and salt in your kitchen.

Pepper and water tension – this is a favorite with my kids.  Watch the pepper dance away from your finger with this surface tension experiment.

Air-pressure experiment – use a baggie, sponge and straw for very compelling results!

Color Changing Milk – I keep bumping into more and more milk color explosions experiments.  This is truly a pretty experiment.

Exploding soap – Yep, we are exploding soap…and then checking out the results.

Clemintine Candle – This was not an It’s Playtime submission, but I wish it were!  It’s on our list of “we-have-to-try-that” experiments.

Egg shell squeeze – Is an egg REALLY fragile?

Teastorm – this is a great addition to any study in weather, and it is easy to replicate at home!

Chemical reactions – grab the baking soda and see what happens next.

Floating Ketchup – Thanks Science Bob for this science magic trick.

Eat nails for breakfast – we need to eat iron to help our blood process oxygen, however, we usually eat it in such tiny particles you can’t see it.  This is a great way for kids to literally see the iron in their breakfast.


If you have done a fun science activity, please post the link or photo to our FB page!  We use that space to find things to share, pin and write about.

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