Make a Mud Pie Kit from Recyclables

What would childhood be without mud pies?  You can create this super fun mud pie kit with items destined for the recycle bin.  With just a little prep you can turn trash to treasure and spark hours of imaginative play.  Once you assemble your kit, all you need is a nice patch of dirt!  And when your little one is all done making pies you can simple rinse and recycle the whole kit, making it the ultimate in eco-friendly toys!

DIY Mud Pie Kit

What You Need to Make a Mud Pie Kit

  • Empty plastic containers (such as: milk jugs, sour cream tubs, dish soap bottles, etc.)
  • A cardboard box
  • Duck tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors/craft knife

How to Create a Mud Pie Kit

  1. Wash your containers and remove the labels if possible.
  2. To create a mixing bowl simply cut the top off of a gallon jug and place a piece of tape over the cut edge.
  3. To create the spoon, cut the handle off of another gallon jug, leaving a spoon shape at the bottom, much like this DIY shovel.  Add tape to the handle, making sure to cover any sharp bits.
  4. Decorate your other containers with tape and marker.  You might want to label things or mark measurements, use your imagination and have fun.
  5. For the oven, cut a flap in the side of a box and doodle on a few knobs.
  6. Fill one or two containers with water so that your little one can make mud!

This craft pairs especially well with a mobile mud pie kitchen.  Or maybe you’ve got any empty garden bed in your yard like me.  All you need is some soil!  Just think how happy the worms will be to be served such a wonderful treat!

mud pie

Now get down and dirty, making magical mud pies!  

Looking for a less messy alternative?  Try this cool Mud-like Coffee Playdough!

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