Hairy Hotdogs: Cheap Kids Meal

Want the perfect babysitter meal for the kiddos? I mentioned that I recently found a deal on restaurant meals (Thanks Ebates). Now add the perfect meal for the babysitter to make with the kids and we have a terrific “date night” plan. All you need is pasta and hot-dogs. spaghetti and hotdogs, hairy hotdogs.
We broke the spaghetti in half.  The kids had fun stuffing them into the hot-dog chunks.  Then we boiled the hairy hot-dogs and served them with BBQ sauce to dip them in.  It was a hit and easy enough for a sitter to replicate. preschool silly food spaghetti and hotdogs. Where did I get my inspiration? From one of my favorite blogs, Tribal Times! They made hotdog octopuses months ago, alas my two year old couldn’t “thread” the hotdogs, so we made ours “hairy” but just as much fun!


Do you have a favorite, cheap kids meal?  Stop by and tell me about it in the SavvyLiving community!

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