Preschoolers Painting Masterpieces with Painters Tape

Do you remember our post with painters tape and stripes?  We went through a painting kick for several weeks… We put some canvases to good use, and the kids were thrilled to have “more stuff to paint on.”   This is super easy and the finished product is wall-worthy. 

Painter's Tape Masterpieces
Use painters tape to create an image.  We made trees, a city skyline, a house, mountains, a picture of the sun, etc.

I used one layer of painters tape to create the design, another to block off areas I didn’t want them to paint in (ex: the grass when they were painting the sky or we covered the tree as we were painting the roots.  Give the kiddos free reign over the paints  to mix to the colors to their hearts content.  Let them paint.

After the paint is dry remove the painters tape and viola!  We have purple mountains, a red sky and lots of fun!

Painter's Tape Masterpiece 1 Painter's Tape Masterpiece 2 Painter's Tape Masterpiece 3

Have you done any painting projects with your preschoolers recently? I’d love to hear about them!

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