{No Candy} Easter Egg Activity Stuffers

Is candy over taking all of your family holiday’s? It seems we have far more candy than we will ever eat!

Time to make memories – without the crash that follows a sugar rush.  We tried to think of things that would make the kids both move and smile.

We filled our Easter Eggs with silly activities.
egg activity stuffers
These activities are the brain child of my 5 year old. She says these will make her siblings laugh and that they would have the *most* fun getting to stand on one foot, or “sing like a mouse” as they pinch their nose.

I think she’s right, there was a lot of laughing.

Below is a photo of the printable. Print it out, cut the activity ideas into strips.  Fold them and stuff them into the eggs.

egg activity stuffers


After writing our list we thought of a few activities that we should have included:

  • Roll across the floor
  • Clap and count as high as you can
  • Play ring-around-the-rosie
  • Give yourself a pat on the back


Click the image below to print up our Easter Egg Activities:

silly activities small size


Do you like our “camouflage” eggs??  I love that these eggs are harder to spot than the traditional brightly colored eggs.  They are great for a hunt with older kids.

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