Days of The Week Mural {Free Kids Printable!}

Today, we have free printable days of the week mural from the Little Bunny series!

This is way cool because each free kids printables is a different coloring sheet for the days of the week and that all fits together to make a mural!

7 days a week mural free kids printable from kids activities blog

Little Bunny Activity Days of the Week Mural:

Create a mural with a classroom of children, a few friends or even by yourself! Color in the days of the week and tape them all together.

We love the idea of coloring one of these a day and putting them together at the end for a cool surprise!

Plus, if you hang it on your kid’s wall, it’s terrific for reinforcing the days of the week.

Click here to download and print:

Kids Printable Mural

Show us your completed murals on our FB wall. We can’t wait to see the final product!

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About Dianne Miller

I wrote the Little Bunny series for my children when they were preschoolers to help them through the many challenges of growing up. The simple, short books were meant to be reassuring and comforting to a small child. I hope you and your family enjoy Little Bunny as much as we did.
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