Paper Mache for Preschoolers

Do you remember doing paper mache when you were little?

How to Make a Paper Mache Bowl - Activities for PreschoolersI remember making paper mache balls from balloons, covering them in layers of newspaper, waiting for them to dry before popping the balloon inside.

My sisters and I used to make different kinds of masks and create elaborate drama productions for our parents.

We loved it.

Paper Mache for Preschoolers - Make a bowl for Halloween  My 4.5 yr old son Jack loves to create. He draws everyday, paints and builds models. I knew he would love paper mache; gooey paste, sculpting, what’s not to love?

This was our first time working with paper mache together and it was oh so much fun. Instead of using a balloon, we used a bowl. A bowl is nice and stable for small hands.

Paper Mache for Kids

How to make a paper mache bowl:

  • grab yourself a small bowl – plastic is best. If you don’t have a plastic one, you can use a metal or ceramic bowl, just slide a layer of plastic wrap over it first
  • tear the newspaper into strips
  • make up a mix of paper mache paste – 1:1 flour and water
  • dip the newspaper into the paste and layer over the bowl
  • you’ll want a few layers – the more the better. We made about 5 layers
  • leave to dry overnight
  • gently press out the bowl – if you have a plastic bowl, just give it a bit of a squeeze and it will pop out
  • paint and decorate – we painted ours white and added some blue tissue paper

How to make a paper mache bowl Wouldn’t these make a fun Halloween bowl for sweets?

Or just to keep little coins?
Simple Paper Mache Bowl
Jack loved paper mache so much, we’ll definitely be doing it again soon.

Maybe next time we’ll make an animal mask just like I used to when I was a child.

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4 days later teeth whitening

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