5 Fun Water Play Activities for Kids!

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Water play is one of the most fun and inexpensive activities for little ones.  All kids love getting wet and playing in water during the hot summer months.

Today we’re sharing some activities for water play that have been recently linked up to our It’s Playtime! meme.  You’ll have a chance today at 4pm to link up your own!

5 Fun Water Play Activities

5 Fun Water Play Activities

1.  Play a game of sink or float to play and explore math and science.  All you need is a bucket or sink and random items from around the house.  Let your kids make their predictions and then drop them into the water!

2.  An easy way to have fun water play is making bath time awesome by putting a bunch of balls in.  You can play lots of pretend games like rainstorm or spiders!

3.  Here’s a whole list of fun water play activities.  My favorites are water balloons and a homemade sprinkler with an empty 2-liter soda bottle.

4.  Have you heard of a water wall?  Use pipes and plastic jugs to tie along your deck and make a really fun activity for a hot day.  Poor water down the pipes or ice or even small toys.

5.  Another great list of water play activities.  I really love the ice bowling, outdoor dishwashing station and the always fun, painting with water.

If you’d like to share one of your kids activities, you can link up with our It’s Playtime! later today.

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