Buckets and a Car Pulley System – Loved it for traveling!

Our last and greatest road trip sanity tip for traveling with kids is a bucket pulley system.  This idea was the brainchild of my hubby.

car pulley travel system for kids

Car Pulley System for Traveling with Kids

We went on our trip when I was nearly 8 months pregnant I was unable, unlike previous trips,  to turn around and hand things to the kids during the long days in the car.  We needed a way to hand them new toys, snacks, art supplies, etc.

Why don’t we create a pulley system? 

It was brilliant!

We tied a rope between the handles on the ceiling of our van.  I knew those handles are good for something!  Then I tied a bucket to the rope ends and we’d shimmy the bucket on the rope back to the kids whenever they needed something and would shimmy it back to me when the bucket was not in use.

traveling with kids - bucket pulley for car

Sorry guys, we cheated in these photos.  The originals I took on the actual trip and they were incredibly out of focus… hope you don’t mind our re-creation of the bucket system, from the comfort of our driveway. 

We are glad to be home!

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