Rainbow Cupcakes

My daughter just turned four! Her birthday request was for rainbow cupcakes. I was imagining rainbow icing till she explained she wanted the entire cupcake to be a rainbow. How on earth would I make that?

Then I remembered the blog post I read from Shannon, at Milk and Cuddles, there was hope! We could make rainbow cupcakes after all!

Thanks Shannon for some great instructions. We had a blast making our own colorful cupcakes. Check out our collection of kid-friendly snack recipes for more munching.

rainbow cupcakes

What you need for rainbow cupcakes:

  • White cake mix
  • Food Dye (we used the gel kind)
  • Lots of little bowls and spoons
  • Cupcake liners and baking sheet
  • Icing and sprinkles

How we made our colorful rainbow cupcakes:

We mixed our batter. (Of course the birthday girl had to be the one to make her own cake.) Then, we separated the batter into different bowls and added the food dye to each bowl. My daughter chose the colors pink, blue purple, green and yellow. If we ever do this again, we would probably eliminate the color purple, it came out a funny almost gray/brown color once baked.

rainbow cupcakes

Once our bowls of color were created we dropped spoonfuls of the dyed batter into our cupcake cups. With the leftovers we made a marbled mini-cake. Then into the oven to bake!

They were a huge hit! Thanks again Shannon for the cupcake inspiration!


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