Painting Pancakes: Modern Art You Can Eat

Super easy and super fun!

This is a really easy edible art project…

painting pancakes - you know you want to try this - Kids Activities Blog

Painting Pancakes

Instead of boring plain old syrup on your pancakes, why not paint them!

I was surprised by painting their pancakes the kids actually used less syrup than when they drizzled their pancakes or dipped bites in a syrup puddle. 

This activity actually makes pancakes a more healthy alternative! 

You can also use honey instead of syrup. 

What you’ll need:

    • Food Coloring
    • Syrup
    • Unused Paintbrushes
    • Pancakes!

We used an egg carton to “hold the paint” as it doesn’t tip easily, holds small portions of syrup and, most importantly, is disposable! I love art projects with easy clean-up!

Add 3 drops or so to roughly a tablespoon of syrup and have fun painting and eating your breakfast.

Painting Pancakes - fun from Kids Activities Blog

Of course, once you start this, pancake breakfasts will never be the same!

For other painting fun, check out our bathtub paint recipe or finger painting with shaving cream!

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