Learning to measure with gummy worms

measuring math

It is rare that all three of my kids enjoy learning at the same time, usually a learning activity is a hit with one kiddo and a bust with the other, while the other is zoned out in the corner.  Like our learning fractions cookie activity, this measuring snack was loved by all! What you will need:

gummy measuring .

  • Ruler
  • Assorted Gummy Worms
  • Bananas


Activity to Teach Preschool Math Concepts :

Have the kids sort the gummy worms.  Which do they think is the shortest?  Which is the longest?


Once they have found the shortest one measure it.  Can they find any other worms that are the same length?  What happens if they stretch the gummy worm?  What happens to it’s length?


While my older kids were measuring gummy worms, my youngest got to measure a banana.  I don’t know how much she got out of the event, but she really loved helping the kiddos learn about subtraction.  Take a bite of your banana or gummy worm?  What happens to its length?  How long were they before?  How long are they now?  What was the difference?



We love snacking in our preschool math activities.


Many thanks to D Sharon Pruitt for the gummy worm photo at the top of the screen.

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