How To Tie Your Shoe {Shoe Tying Activity for Kids}

Learning how to tie your shoe can be a major accomplishment as a child.  This activity for kids will make it fun to learn how to tie a shoe on their own.  Kids Activities Blog hopes this shoe tying activity helps your child learn this important life skill.

How To Tie Your Shoe: Shoe Tying Activity for Kids

How To Tie Your Shoe

A shoe tying box is a great tool for children to learn when they are learning to tie their shoelaces.  Having a child help you create a shoe lacing box can  help increase a child’s interest in learning to tie shoes. The shoe they trace for this project is their own. The shoe they create and decorate is their own. We even used laces that came from my son’s shoes.

Here are the supplies to you need:

  • cardboard box
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • shoelaces
  • glue
  • materials to decorate the shoe (glitter, stickers, markers, crayons, etc..)

How to put it together:

1. Have your child trace one of their shoes onto a piece of construction paper.

2. Have your child cut out the outline of their shoe.


Activity for Kids

3. Use a hole punch to place four holes on the left front of the shoe and then four holes on the right front side of the shoe.

4. Decorate the outline of the shoe.


Shoe Tying

5. Glue the outline of the shoe onto the lid of a shoe box.

6. Poke holes into the shoe box under each of the holes you punched into the shoe outline.

7. Thread the shoe laces through the holes. We pushed the laces down through the first two holes in the front of the shoe and then threaded them through in a crisscross pattern.


How to Tie a Shoe

8. Now that the laces are in place you are ready to work on tying the shoelaces.

I have found that it helps to have a shoe tying rhyme to say while you are practicing.

Shoe Tying Song

An indian made a teepee (pull lace up and cross one under the other)

And it collapsed! (pull first “knot” down)

So he started another, (make first loop for bow)

And he took this string and went around it, (wrap the other lace around loop)

And went inside, (push lace under new loop)

And there he had it! Two Tents! (pull loops for bow)

Having a song and shoe tying box as tools  for learning can really aide children in learning to tie their own shoes.

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