{Easy to Make} Match Game

Want an activity for your little one that is fun and easy to make?  This match game is a great idea and it can be adapted to use with many different objects around your house.  Don’t you love directions to make a game that don’t involve having to make a run to the store for supplies?  Kids Activities Blog does!

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Match Game

The other day while I was cleaning out our closet I found tons of old poker chips laying around. I couldn’t help but look at these colorful poker chips that we no longer use and find a way to make them into a fun activity with Rory.

I sat and thought for a while and finally figured it out. We were going to make “matcher” cards!

To make these, I didn’t have to go to the store or anything, we had all the supplies here at our house!

Easy to Make

Materials Needed: (affiliate links)

This is so simple and has actually captured Rory’s attention for quite a while.

match game

Make a Game

I grabbed some old felt that I had left over from Christmas and drew a line down the middle dividing the felt square in half.  One of the halves is for me and my poker chips and the other half is for Rory to mimic my design.

I thought it would be beneficial to place the poker chips on my side of the felt square and outline them as a model for Rory.  I placed several poker chips on top of the felt square and traced around them with the permanent marker.  You don’t need to do this, but I wanted to give Rory a reference of what it will look like before I add the poker chips.

Thats it!  That is all I did for this project.  Now its time to play and learn.

There are so many ways to play with, I started with the felt and we counted the circles on them.  Then I placed my poker chips on the felt square, making sure to call out each color i was using.

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