Multiplication Made FUN!!

  Double Dice 375x350 Is there anyone out there that would rather do just about anything other than review math facts with your child?  Flash cards serve a purpose, drill sheets may be required, but there IS a way to put some fun into reviewing math!

This simple game could work with addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts.

All you need is a set of “double dice”.  These are the greatest…a small solid die inside a larger, clear plastic die!   When you roll, you end up with two numbers in one die!  For some reason, my 7 year old thought this was way more exciting that using two regular dice.

For our game, we each had one die.  We rolled them at the same time, and then he had to multiply the two numbers on his die, and then multiply the two numbers on my die.  Whoever rolled the highest number got the “point” for that roll.  To reinforce extra math skills, we kept score using tally marks & he was responsible for making the marks & counting them.  Whoever reached 10 first won that round.

I can’t tell you how much he loved this silly little game.   He was jumping up and down.  He was laughing.  He was begging to play just one more round!  I have yet to hear him beg to do one more set of multiplication facts flash cards.

My math creativity is pretty limited…I would love to hear other ideas you can come up with for these dice.  Playing with math is way more fun than drilling math!

**Locally, I found my dice at Brilliant Sky Toy Store in Highland Village for 50cents each.  I am sure they are at other educational supply stores.  You can also find them online by searching “double dice”.

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