Fathers Day Tie Windsock

Instead of buying dad a tie this year why not use some of the ties he already has and doesn’t wear to make a fun windsock.

The windsock is so easy to make. You need about fourteen ties, two embroidery hoops and some fishing line. We found the ties we used in my husband’s closet. If you don’t have ties that your husband would be willing to give up, you could go to Goodwill and buy a few there.

How do you put it together:

  1. Hang each of the ties over the inner hoop of one of your embroidery hoops.
  2. Place the outside of the hoop over the outside of the ties
  3. Put the inner hoop of the second of your embroidery hoops in between the front and back of each of your ties.
  4. Pull up the outside hoop of your second embroidery hoop up the outside of your ties.
  5. You can tighten or loosen the hoops to adjust the ties or hold them in place.
  6. Attach three strands of fishing line to the top hoop.
  7. Tie the three strands together with a knot.
  8. Hang your windsock from a ceiling fan or plant hook.
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