The Book of Jokes: From Kids, For Kids

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While you are waiting, as an extra thank you here is our Joke book!

Kids Activities Blog has teamed up with children’s illustrator Josh Manges to bring you a joke book sure to make your kiddos giggle!

The Book of Jokes, For Kids, From Kids comes with over 125 of the silliest jokes!

Silliest joke ebook for kids eBook with Josh Manges and Kids Activities Blog
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These were the jokes that KIDS left on our Facebook wall, telling us that these were the funniest and the best jokes!

Here is a sneak peak of 3 of the 60 pages of jokes included in the book:

“What do you get when you cross a hammer with a cookie?”   “Crumbs!!!”

“Why did the Banana go to the doctor?”  “Because it wasn’t peeling well.”

printable kids joke book

“How do you turn soup into gold?”  “You add 24 Carrots.”

“Why won’t an elephant use a computer?”  “It’s afraid of the mouse.”

“What happened to the frog when he illegally parked?”  “He got Toad.”

“How can you tell when a Cow doesn’t know where she is?”  “She’s udderly lost!”

printable kids joke book

How you can use the joke book:

Print it and put a page into your kids lunch box each day – there are enough pages to give your child a page a day to last 12 weeks of school!

printable kids joke book

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Which joke in the ebook is your favorite?