National Fire Prevention Week: Best Resource for Kids, Parents & Teachers

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National Fire Prevention Week is the perfect time to make sure your family has the information you need to keep you safe in case of a fire catastrophe.

National Fire Prevention Week for Kids

While that could feel a little daunting for parents & teachers, the new Sparky’s Firehouse app makes it a ton of fun for kids!

Sparky’s Firehouse is a free app that has fun games for kids that teach fire safety.  It is filled with giggles and three games…


The first game, Fix Up, Pick Up,  starts with getting the fire truck ready for a ride and then picking up fire house dogs and bones.


In Make Believe, you choose the adventure of three kids visiting the firehouse.


Our favorite game was Hear That?  You try and remember the sound patterns and anytime the fire alarm sounds, you head out the door!


After each game is successfully completed, a checkmark appears!

Whoo hoo!

National Fire Prevention Week Resources for Parents & Teachers

Since I partially homeschool, I am always looking for resources that are easy to use, FREE <–I love free, and worthwhile.  Sparky School House is a super cute one that is packed with usable lessons and fun for grades Preschool to Grade 5.

My kids and I were fascinated by the video, Firefighting’s Weird History & Fascinating Future

I always wondered why firefighter’s helmets were shaped that way!

Now it makes perfect sense.

I am so thankful the beard tradition isn’t necessary anymore.


The cool thing about Sparky School House is that you can choose the grade you want and then selected resources are revealed for that level.

For instance, I chose Grade 5 and was lead to a fascinating video about the Chicago Fire that also had a coordinating downloadable lesson packet!

Was it REALLY Mrs. O’Leary’s cow?

Chicago Fire lesson packet

There are lesson packets for all grades up to 5.  These could be used at home too.  They are simple and well-planned packed with details and interesting facts.

If you are looking for something to use at home, The Parent Letter for Fire Prevention Week would be a great way to start.

All the downloads are available in both Spanish and English versions.

We also really liked the Digital Backpack which is full of sharable resources and games.  If you want to hear something catchy…play the What’s That Sound? video!

I was surprised at how much fun all these things were.  Bright colors, fun facts, addictive games and catchy tunes will keep your family learning and preparing all week…



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