Ice and Water: A Winter Preschool Theme

It’s another playtime, winter playtime.

Last week there were several bloggers who played with ice.   Out2Play made ice sculptures, while Preschool Play and Delivering Grace explored and experienced ice in their play.   My favorite frozen activities from last week were the bloggers who played with ice and color or sound.   I just love watching how light plays off of ice and through water – how it seems to dance.     The following participants seemed to capture that song:

Winter preschool theme ice and water

Little Lucky – They made frozen heart jems.

Lisa Jay played with her girls inside, dying glasses of water together and watching the colors swirl.

Praises of a Wife made “jems” of colored ice/water that her children enjoyed building (and smashing) in the snow.

Sassy’s Sanity had fun making music with her water xylophone.


How have your preschoolers played with water or ice?

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  1. Another great post! Thanks for sharing, I love your blogs. I share this site with my staff. We love your posts. Keep it going!!!

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