A brand new potluck

Oh how I love Mondays….

Well, truthfully, as a stay at home mom all the days kinda run together so who the heck cares if it is Monday or not?

Potluck are on Mondays badge

I have a winner for The Fey book so graciously provided by my dear bloggy friend Claudia who guest posted last week.

*drum roll*


psssst…everyone else now has to BUY the book.   Don’t worry, it is worth it.


And now for a new feature without a button or a name.   For today let’s call it…

Fashion tips from Rhett:

Rhett wearing goggles, SWAT helmet and power ranger suit

This season (according to Rhett’s actions) the following items are very hot:

  • –Swim goggles are not just for swimming.   Notice how their casual use adds a special vacation flair to any outfit.
  • –SWAT helmets are the new baseball cap.   Sometimes function is desired in the fashion world.   Just think of the many ways a flip-down plastic eye shield could come in handy.
  • –The Blue Power Ranger Suit is back.   This season it is popular among 3 year olds (although it’s previous owner now 6 wouldn’t be caught DEAD in it).

Let's find out who is the Peep of the Week!

Peep of the Week button


Only the Tooth Fairy would leave a letter like that to a future lawyer.

I am really excited because this is two weeks in a row that the Peep of the Week has been one of my dear in real life friends.   Congratulations Happy Campers!

And now for a little story

4:45 is NOT the new 6:30

Rhett’s sleeping schedule is all out of whack now that he occasionally takes a nap, often falls asleep at 5 pm and is generally cranky 24/7.   So no big surprise that he has been showing up at my bedside in the wee hours of the morning.   We are talking before 5 am.

Not acceptable.

When he shows up that early I usually request he climb into bed with me hoping he will sleep a bit more.   The alternative is that he returns to the room he shares with his brothers and gets them up as well.

Not acceptable.

This morning was doubly cursed because the boys knew that blog-Stedman was getting off work at 7 am and that we would be celebrating Reid’s 6th birthday with pancakes for breakfast and he would be opening gifts from the family.   So they were all up at 4:45.

Not acceptable.

When Rhett arrived at 4:46 by my bed I insisted that he climb in with me and not return upstairs where I could hear the birthday festivities had already begun.   Rhett was already out of sorts and was in desperate need of the additional TWO HOURS of sleep before 7 am.

Rhett insisted that it WAS time to get up.   I insisted that he was three and had no clue what time it was or what time was an acceptable rising time.

Rhett insisted that is WAS time to get up.   I asked him smugly, “Who decides what time is the time to get up?” knowing full well it was me…mom.

Rhett replied without hesitation, “Ryan“.

Not acceptable.

Holly presents her…

Free Advice to the World


Today's advice is for the people that run OLD NAVY. Yep, you know who you are.   I recently was on a swimming suit search.   UGH. I started at Old Navy because I was looking for some board short-type bottoms with a bikini-type top and I thought that it sounded like something they would feature in their wacky commercials.   I scoured the store and found exactly what I wanted.   They were adorable.   Bright colored board shorts with super cute tops that were modest.   YEAH! Oh, nevermind.   I was in the GIRL’S section and Old Navy doesn’t make them in my size.

So, to you Old Navy I have this suggestion:

And to the rest of you MORONS that make swimming suits for WOMEN:
  • –This is the deal.   I don’t want to show my thighs or my tummy.   If you can adequately cover one area I will give a little on the other so I am not covered up from head to toe at the pool.   The board short is PERFECT for moms.   Thigh coverage. Doesn’t look nun-ish. Making super cute board shorts for GIRLS is a waste of cellulite covering material.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl

I am very excited about the fruit bowl contents!

Take a look:

Little Debbie's in Holly's fruit bowl

The people at Little Debbie were sweet to send me a whole box of muffins.   6 different kinds!   The new ones are lemon and a yummy chocolate.   I awarding a box of Little Debbie muffins to next week’s Peep of the Week.   This could be yours…

Box from Little Debbie

…along with all the other fabulous Peep of the Week benefits (OK, I am currently working on fabulous benefits, but right now it doesn’t have any…except MUFFINS for next week’s winner).

A little thought for your Monday

I hope today you are well rested,   sitting poolside in board shorts eating muffins…


  1. is it you? is it really you? i thought it was weird when you seemed to stop writing.

    but no. it was just your feed burner that neglected to transfer me to your new spot.

    well, now i’m back. you can’t get rid of me. and i AM bringing the lime jello mold to the potluck.



  2. I won the book! That is so cool, even if I already know how it ends!

  3. I love that everyone, but you, knows who decides when to get up. Ryan, of course. He’s the oldest, yes? He rules the universe. That’s just how it is.

    Hey, can you get me Weasel Momma’s addy or email? Thanks again for your support of the Fey

  4. Hey, with 2 daughters, ages 8 and 10, and stores full of swimsuits I didn’t expect to have to fight over (if you get my pool side drift) I think I need to run, not walk on over to Old Navy.

    Not a waste of material. (no cellulite)


  5. I do not want the muffins–the wii fit is slapping me upside the head with reality.

    For my youngest son, the early-rising insomniac–we put an old-fashioned clock in his room and a pile of books by his bed and until the little hand was on the six and the big hand was on the twelve the only permitted activity was looking at books in bed.

  6. 4:45!!! That is insane!!!! Really!!! I do understand Ryan is the ruler. I mean in Rhetts defence your the mommy.. YOur nice.. your soft.. Ryan waylays him if he does not do what eh wants him to.. AHA.. New mommy stratagy !! we all start acting like 8 year old boys and when they don’t do what we want we throw something at them, push them or hit them.. Then we will be the rulers again.. shhh Don’t tell CPS..:)

  7. My little night-time walker usually slips into bed with me. Which is fine. Until he begins to simultaneously pull my hair and grind his knees into my back. I’ll be happy when he begins to just fix his own breakfast. Yes, that may present it’s own set of problems, but I’ll be well rested and better equipped to deal with the problem. (Any ideas how to get milk out of carpet?)

    That is why I need the muffins. No milk, no guilt.

  8. If you eat all those muffins, you will be looking for a bathing suit with more covering abilities than just board shorts.

    Brave girl, I stopped trying on bathing suits years ago. If you saw me you would thank me.

  9. I want those damn muffins! AND Rhett’s goggles (I have kids at school who spit when they talk).

  10. Girl, we are searching for the SAME thing! Renee said she got some cute ones at Sports Authority. I am actually heading out tomorrow to see if I can find any board shorts. Because SOMEONE had to schedule a POOL PARTY at the POOL with the WATERSLDE that has DEEPish water, so this mama needs to be IN the water. I don’t think yoga pants float all that well….

  11. Little Debbies: the true etymology of “muffin top”. May your new bathing suit not resemble a Burqua!

  12. My oldest turned 11 today…..

    as a stay at home/work at home mom — every day is Monday…..

  13. I’m so excited!! Even better than being well rested, sitting poolside in board shorts eating muffins ¦

    I got your feed to work again!!!!

    Now if you could just figure out how to get our 3-year-olds to quit being cranky old men, I’d be yours forever. What is with no nap, then nap, don’t fall asleep until midnight BS?

  14. Oh sure, like we can just say something peep-o’-the-week worthy under pressure.

    I’m still crying about the cheerios too.

    I love Rhett. You can drop him by my house, I’m an early riser too.

  15. Oh…AND….THANKS for making me Peep of the Week!!!! I’ve only known you for 3 years now, so I’m glad that SOMETHING I’ve said in all that time has made you smile 🙂 hahahahahhahahahahhaa……

    See you in a bit…we are doing the GO AWAY RAIN dance!

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