Each and every summer we are encouraged to help keep our kids on track by helping them read. It keeps their brains thinking,  their imaginations flowing, and prepares them for the school year ahead. But before you pick up another book you should know, Summer Reading Made Easy and Fun is possible.  We are partnering with Audible by Amazon today to share some tips for making that happen! Summer Reading Made Easy2

Summer Reading Made Easy

Reading in the summer can be quite discouraging. After all, your child just finished an entire year’s worth of school and learning so to them, they think they deserve a break. While I agree they do, I also agree that kids should never stop learning and reading is such a great way for them to learn. If you are wanting to jumpstart  your child’s reading or get them excited to read, here are some tips on how you can do that.
  • Read with them – Maybe it’s that they have a hard time staying focused and reading alone. In that case, you can help them along by reading with them. Either take turns reading a story together or sit next to them while they read aloud. Having you there can help calm their urge to put the book down and run.
  • Change up the way they read – Kids don’t have to read in silence or aloud every time they read. Mix it up. Maybe they can read with soft music playing in the background or maybe they can have a book read to them from their tablet (audible narration). You can even change the location in which they read. Choose the backyard, a park, a new area in the house, etc. It will keep things interesting and kids won’t be bored with summer reading.Summer Reading Made Easy
  • Choose books your kids are interested in – Some books may be interesting to you but not to your children. Allow them to pick out books that spike their interest because it will make them want to read even more!
  • Praise them for their hard work – Reading is still a lot of work especially when our kids are learning to read. You can celebrate their milestones and praise them. Get  a snow cone, pick a toy from the dollar store, or allow your kids to eat dessert before dinner. All of these encourage them to keep going!

Immerse Your Child in The Story

I shared a few tips above on how to encourage your children to read even throughout the summer but do you really want to immerse your child in the story they are reading? Of course you do! Audible and Amazon has introduced Immersion Reading. From the name I bet you can imagine what it does but just in case, it  immerses you in a story by narrating and highlighting the text as you read. Read and listen  simultaneously  with real-time highlighting.  It sparks an extra connection that boosts engagement, comprehension, and retention, taking you deeper into the book. The feature is especially enjoyed by kids learning to read.3_READ_LISTEN_DESKTOP_v2._V292813036_ One other tip I mentioned above was talking about allowing kids to choose the book they read.

With Audible, there are over 4000+ popular Kids’ titles (focused on 6-12 year olds) where this Read Along feature is available. They will offer 200 of these titles with heavily discounted audio narration for a limited time!

I was looking through the titles with my son and we came across several we are excited to try this new program out with including: Charlotte’s Web, The Lonely Lake Monster, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, The Jungle Book, and so many more! How it Works:
  • Buy the Kindle book
  • Add audio companion
  • Switch between reading and listening on the Kindle App or tablet
The program is currently available  Available on Kindle Apps for Android and iOS, Fire HD 6 Tablet, Fire HD 7 Tablet, Kindle Fire HDX Tablet and Fire HDX 8.9. This summer you can truly help your kids get one step ahead in their learning by helping them read. Between the tips we shared and the Audible program, your kids will shine next school year! You can

You can learn more about adding Audible narration to Kindle books here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine. Check out this Summer Bucket List for kids!

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