What girl doesn’t like to shimmer and shine?

My girls LOVE Nickelodeon’s newest little genies on the block: Shimmer & Shine. They are hooked and love to watch the show!

They about hit the roof with excitement when I told them that we would be throwing a party with Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Nickelodeon because it was going to be a Shimmer and Shine party to celebrate the launch of toys, clothing, DVD’s and more at Target.

let us throw a party


Shimmer and Shine are two twin genies that live in the magical world of Zaharamay and make wishes come true for their friend Leah. My girls just love the show and really enjoy the music.  It’s so cute to hear them singing along!

I REALLY LOVE that the show teaches you to learn from your mistakes.  My oldest has trouble when she messes up on something or it’s not “just” right.

She’s the cutest little 8-year-old perfectionist ever!!  When we watch this show together I get the opportunity to talk to her about how mistakes aren’t all that bad because we can learn from them.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to go through Shimmer & Shine’s adventures WITH my daughter so we have a shared “story” that we can refer to when talking about being ok with failure…which, is a really TOUGH life lesson.  One that I wish I had learned a LOT sooner!

I love that they not only have the TV show but they also have books and adorable dolls. And today we were inspired by all the fun stuff to throw a party with the things that the girls picked out at Target.

Shimmer and Shine Story Time

It was so fun decorating with these two beauties because they were in charge of picking out their favorite things for the party.

We went to Target where they have an AMAZING Shimmer and Shine collection!  What they picked out ended up being so cute and very eclectic!  Target had so many cute things, it was really hard for us to choose but we ended up settling for this cute gem table cover and these mesmerizing glitter plates.

My 3 year old picked out the polka dot straws and the white cheddar Cheetos!

We planned on using the cute little pink buckets you see below BUT then my daughter saw these cute metal buckets – a pink and a turquoise one…

My daughter said, “LOOK MOM!  They match Shimmer & Shine!  We could fill them with something sparkly!”

And so we did!  I made my way over to the candy isle and we bought some Twix (for their shiny wrappers).  At some point I was talked into cake squares…which were SO yummy!


We decided to keep the party format simple and fun!

So we started out by opening up their brand new Shimmer and Shine dolls!

They LOVED them!


We then read “A Tale of Two Genies” which tells how Shimmer and Shine meet their new friend, Leah.

(BTW, do you see my 10 year old son PHOTO BOMBING?!?!?! Haha!)


We finished it up with some fun coloring time!

We used this FREE Shimmer and Shine Coloring Book – you can get yours here.

FREE Shimmer and Shine Coloring Book

The girls and I had a blast! We even went LIVE on Kids Activities Blog during the party!  You can check out the action LIVE here:

Shimmer and Shine LIVE

I hope you make time to Shimmer and Shine before school starts! We would love to see pictures of YOUR Shimmer & Shine party…please post them to our Facebook page.

For more inspiration on Shimmer and Shine parties, you can follow the hashtag: #shimmerandshineparty  A big thanks to Nickelodeon for supporting Kids Activities Blog and inspiring our fun party.  All the fun things that we used today can be found at Target.com!

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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