What was meant to be fun birthday gift, actually became an opportunity for a few life lessons learned through a Toddler Car…for both of us. Thanks to Dynacraft for this opportunity to celebrate her birthday into grand style with the Dynacraft Hello Kitty Car and for this big parenting milestone.

As my little princess approached a milestone birthday, I wanted to get her something special. I anticipate my kids’ birthdays more than they do, thinking about just the right birthday party theme and of course, the gift that’s going to make them scream for joy and for me to gloat, as I relish it my  “nailed it mama moment” once again.

Life Lessons Learned Through a Toddler Car So when the Dynacraft Hello Kitty Car across the computer screen, I knew this Toddler Car was the birthday present that would make us both squeal. Shaped just like Hello Kitty, this 6 Volt Powered Ride On features a light-up bow and MP3 input speaker, my only fear was how I was going to keep it a secret long enough to surprise her! Hello Kitty Car 2 Hello Kitty Car 3

So when it finally came time to unveil Hello Kitty, I made sure everything was perfect: the sky was clear, the battery was completely charged, there was plenty of space for her to drive, my iPhone was paused on her favorite song to try out her speakers, and I had even printed out a license plate for her name. And in true mom fashion, I had a little checklist to make sure she was ready for her first moment “behind the wheel.”

Hello Kitty Car 5 Funny thing was I wasn’t prepared for the things I was about to learn, too.


  1. Wear a Helmet
  2. Put on Your Seatbelt
  3. Know Where You Are Going
  4. Stay Close to Home
  5. Don’t Get Distracted
Ha. I thought…I should put this same checklist in my car… Her reaction?  It was everything we wanted it to be and more.

However, what was more surprising was the immediate moment of anxiety I had letting her in the car. Not because of the car, but the immediate flash before my eyes of my little girl growing up to a teenager for her 16th birthday. What seems so far away, in reality I knew those 11 years were going to go so fast. Hello Kitty Car 6 Immediately my list of what she needed to know driving changed, a lot. And somehow turned out to be a list of more than just driving rules, but how I wanted her to ride on the road of life. Hello Kitty Car 4


1. Safety First As a kid, you’re going to think you are immortal and you’ve a whole life ahead of you. Things will happen. However, there is never a reason not to be safe with you and your heart. Wear your seatbelt, have a helmet, don’t let anyone hurt you, set your own rules and stick to them.  Having your own controls are the best way for you to protect yourself. 2. Don’t Go So Fast… I know you’ll want to go put your pedal to the medal, but resist the urge to always go as fast as you can. Enjoy the moment and be ok to just cruise. If you don’t enjoy the stops along the way, you’ll miss the good stuff that makes the memories. You think it’s about getting there, but it’s actually the pitstops and the scenery that make the best trips. Just be mindful of the speed limits and other bad drivers and you’ll have a good ride. 3. Sometimes Just Go There will be times in your life that you’ll feel the urge to GO – to sing really load, to cry even louder, or just let the wind run through your hair. The hum of the road is what you need to just let go and find what drives you to be the best you. 4. Glitter and Sparkle Makes Everything Better Every day you’re on Earth is a special day, so treat it that way. Don’t miss a chance to blow out candles on your birthday, experience fireworks on the Fourth, throw confetti on New Year’s Eve, or add sprinkles on your cupcake because it’s Wednesday. Unfortunately, life takes us in interesting directions, so you should always do what you can with today because you might not get another chance to celebrate. And always, always, add glitter and sparkle to anything. It just makes every day more fun. 5. Look forward, but never forget to look back. My job on this Earth is about getting your ready for the road of life. Our journey will included lots of bumps, lots of turns, and hopefully not too many detours. And while I may not always be able to sit beside you or guide you along the way, remember, no matter where you go, don’t forget your way home. It’s always there for you, deep inside my heart. Have a Hello Kitty fan in your family? The Dynacraft Hello Kitty Car is a must-have gift idea! Get details about this gift idea or order yours here. 

AND watch out for this mama, her new driver, and the rest of her crew on their online space in the world, mamachallenge.com. 


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