Growing up my grandmother would probably be near a heart attack at just the thought of her grandkids not having those perfectly ironed clothes. Now that I am an adult, it’s pretty much burned into my brain that my family and I need to have nicely ironed clothes before we wear them out in public. Whether you are like me or not, you are here because you need some Tips for Getting Perfectly Ironed Clothes Every Time and we are partnering with Faultless® Premium Starch to share 5 of those tips with you!

5 Tips for Getting Perfectly Ironed Clothes Every Time

Anyone that has ever said they actually enjoy doing laundry is probably lying. It’s so time consuming because it’s a multi-step process! You’ve got the washing, drying, folding, or even ironing to do and by the end of it all, there is another pile waiting to be handled. When it comes to ironing there are even certain “rules” that apply like ironing a crease right down the middle of slacks. All of those rules on top of everything else can be a bit overwhelming!

But, don’t worry! I’ve got some tips that will help getting those clothes ready to wear a breeze!

  1. Immediately hang after drying – Next time your dryer beeps, resist the urge to throw the clothes in a basket or pile for later folding. All that does is reverse any of those wrinkles the dryer helped remove making ironing even more labor intensive. Instead, hang your clothes on hangers or drape them neatly over a hanging rod.
  2. Invest in a good iron – This might be a no-brainer but for some, it’s hard to justify buying a new iron when your great-grandmother’s still works. It may still work but not work as well as a new high-quality iron. Choose one with multiple head settings and one that is easy to clean.
  3. Use a clean and flat ironing board – Again, no-brainer, right? Well, if you have an ironing board with imperfections in the surface, those will only transfer over to your clothes during use. Ensure the surface you are ironing on is flat and free from any rips, tears, bumps, or spills.Iron and a big heap of messy, crumpled clothes
  4. Use the correct temperature setting – If you don’t iron very often you might be wondering if your iron even has a setting beyond the cotton setting. My guess is that it does! Choosing the right heat setting for the fabric you are ironing, is one of the best ways to ensure your clothes are perfectly ironed. If the heat setting isn’t hot enough you could be left with more wrinkles and creases, then you started with. Most clothes and/or irons these days will give you the correct heat settings for everything you own.
  5. Cut down on iron time with a good Starch – Starch is a nifty little product that can help the iron process along and the new Faultless Premium Starch will keep your clothes looking new – it’s the starch that performs. It also reduces ironing time and unlike other starch, the Faultless Premium bottle won’t clog, flake or spot on clothes!

Know How to Use Your Starch Right

You are now armed with ways to make your clothes look like they came straight from the department store (but they smell much better). The only thing left to do is to know how to use starch the right way.5 Tips for Getting Perfectly Ironed Clothes Every Time3The Faultless Premium Starch is quick and easy to use. Simply shake the can well, remove the cap, and spray the fabric by holding the can 6 – 10 inches away. Then iron and repeat as needed!

5 Tips for Getting Perfectly Ironed Clothes Every Time4

With these tips and the Faultless Premium Starch your clothes will be ready to wear and show off in no time!

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To enter, just head over to the Faultless Tips & Tricks web page and come back and leave a comment letting us know which tip or trick is your favorite! Winner will be randomly drawn on 8/5/16.

To learn more about Faultless Premium Starch you can visit their website, check them out on Facebook and find a store near you.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Faultless Starch. The opinions and text are all mine.

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