Kids love to wiggle. Mine hasn’t stayed still a moment of her life from the second she was born. Some kids, though, turn their wiggling into so much more. Three-year-old Emma isn’t just a wiggler, she’s a gymnastics prodigy. And luckily, Ellen featured Emma on her show for the entire world to see! Take a look!

How amazing is she? If I had that much energy, I could rule the world. Seriously, Emma, keep up the amazing work. I truly can’t wait to see you in the Olympics in a few years. I know you’ll bring home the gold.

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This peanut butter covered baby is the only thing you need to see today!

peanut butter baby

This little girl receiving a doll with a prosthetic leg will make you cry happy tears!

little girl with prosthetic leg receives doll

little girl gymnast Ellen

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