Creative Kid Bloggers Plan for 2012

There are tons of great creative children’s blogs – and every month a bunch of us get together on twitter for a chat.   In last months chat, 57 bloggers discussed our playing schemes and dreams of what projects we think would most interest our kids or what we would love to do with them in the upcoming year.   I love all the ideas suggested – if you do too, go follow the blogs – they have dozens of other activities your kids would enjoy!   Want to join in our next live chat?   Follow the us on twitter (QuirkyMommaSite) or the hashtag #creativekids.

Creative Kids activities

  1. Looking forward to bookmaking and puppet shows – The Imagination Tree
  2. Building a life sized Noah’s Ark in the backyard. My son even drew up plans – ObSeussed.
  3. Coming up with and playing Balloon games – MamaSmiles
  4. I want to make an indoor inflatable ball pit (or balloon pit) from a tarp – Rachel, a Quirky Momma.
  5. We want to try more paper mache – MamaSmiles.
  6. We all want to build an elaborate water wall ¦ like a domino run but for water – Se7en Hoods.
  7. I once saw someone let her kids paint right on the floor! Then mopped it up…I’ve been scared to try – Two Bears Farm
  8. Shaken art is on my list to try with my toddler – Hands on: As we Grow
  9. I want to try all of @nurturestore’s play dough ideas! – My Creative Family.
  10. How about a giant PVC pipe sprinkler course – Golden Gleam
  11. We want to make ice ornaments as soon as it’s cold enough – inspired by Red Ted Art.
  12. I want to try some stop motion animation projects with my kids – Frugal Family Fun
  13. I want to try toilet tube sculpture with my daughter inspired by Chocolate Muffin Tree.
  14. Our kids want to create and paint garden stones this year – Juiles Rose
  15. We enjoy riding tricycles in the garage and use sidewalk chalk on the garage floor. Not really outside, but a change. – Just One Mommy.
  16. Make more tall paintings – The Imagination Tree
  17. I have tons of outdoor play ideas I want to try when we move to house in Feb: water wall, DIY teepee, chalkboard, music area. –   Mama Pea Pod
  18. Put up blackboard paint on the walls, with a border around it so kids know not to draw anywhere else – Utterly Scrummy
  19. Make booties out of wax paper & masking tape. Skate on carpet! – Frugal Family Fun
  20. We love to turn their playroom into all different places like grocery store, vet office, pizza parlor. House of fun! – No Time for Flashcards
  21. We try to convert some outdoor play to indoor ex: hopscotch, hide & seek, races – My Creative Family
  22. Make a giant sensory tub out of summer old inflatable pool – The Imagination Tree
  23. We also own a giant cardboard house that I set up when the weather turns bitter cold…indoor mail delivery fun begins! – Kitchen Counter Chronicles
  24. Draw directly onto the tabletop – dry erase crayons work great for this. – Make Do and Friend
  25. Scavenger hunts! Either with a “map” or I just say, “find something yellow, red, square….” you get the idea. – Just One Mommy.
  26. Emergency activity to amuse the kids? Give them a cardboard box and some marker pens and let them go! – Green Mums.
  27. For my toddler, sensory tubs are an easy way to keep her absorbed and independently playing for ages! – MamaPeaPod
  28. My friend has an indoor bouncy castle in their spare bedroom! – Nurture Store
  29. Blocks, all shapes and sizes, even tupperware cups/bins – Sense of Wonder
  30. Building forts and indoor picnics are also quite popular around here. – Frugal Family Fun
  31. Create with normal packing maize. It sticks to itself with water and can be cut/squashed by kids. No mess! – LittleHen


Leave your twitter handle in the comments and I’ll send you an invite a few days before our next chat as a reminder to join the fun!



  1. You put all those tweets together in one place – I totally Love it!!! That’s a beautiful round-up from a fun evening!!! Thanks a ton!!!

  2. Nice list of activities. Going to have to check out all those links.

  3. I could use a boost of creative ideas. Feel like I am in a rut lately. Thanks for sending the reminders. @Meet_Penny

  4. I definitely could use a reminder next time. I need to figure out twitter parties 🙂 We are @ToddlerApproved
    This is a great list of activities!

  5. Whoop..bring it on! It will be my first twitter party. @QltyClassrooms

  6. Great ideas! I’ve been wanting to splatter paint on a large sheet with the kids! I’ll wait until the weather gets warmer. Love to be included in chat- @JenSCreative.

  7. I’d love a reminder! I caught one of the chats by accident a while back but I wasn’t sure how often they were held. I loved the one I participated in.

  8. Would love to get a reminder. Thanks! @messforless

  9. More to add to my “To Do List”! Thanks for compiling the ideas!!! Would love to get in on the chat. @kpyron

  10. Would love to know about the next chat! Thank you! @debaverett

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