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New and Improved – now with 65% more randomness!

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Whoo hoo!

I am still moving in around my new place *ahem* new and improved place.   I am really, really excited that my dear friend (IRL too!), business partner and website designer extraordinaire, Shauna has worked her magic over here.   There are a few tweaks of magic to come, but MY PERMALINKS ARE WORKING from the old site to the new site so I am dancing.   singing.   a little more dancing.   singing some more.

Thank you Shauna.   I don’t want to get all mushy, but I have already declared my love for you over the phone so here it is in writing…


Now if I could only find 1/2 of my subscribers…

To celebrate the new place, everyone can help themselves to the Cheerios on the couch.

Let’s find out who is the new and improved Peep of the Week!

Peep of the Week button

In response to the MEN’S RESTROOM MYSTERY:

When Landry was in preschool. The teacher came to me and said Landry’s daddy needs to talk with him and take him to a public restroom.. Why I ask in horror…Because today when they went to check on him he was sitting in the urinal.

I know Landry and I don’t doubt this story for a moment which made me laugh all the harder.   So MeL YOU ARE PEEP OF THE WEEK and are we getting together later today?

And now for a little story…

And now for a little story

*wow! she wasn’t kidding about the new and improved thing*

Rhett(3) has started refusing all naps.   This means he is short 2 1/2 hours of sleep a day.   He is using those additional hours of awake-ness to scream.

It is really a win-win.

I mean a whine-whine.

It really appears that he is in that twilight zone of cranky awareness.   You know the time when you just about go to sleep and then something wakes you up and you really aren’t awake enough to function fully.   You are only awake enough to be MAD THAT YOU ARE AWAKE.

Such a joy that boy.

Anyway, this afternoon we were outside playing in the sprinklers and so when it came time to come in for dinner I sent the boys up for a bath and to don pajamas before sitting down to eat.

I was grilling hamburgers at around 6 pm and I turned around to this:

Rhett sleeps at the table

Such a joy that boy.

I picked him up and put him on the couch…where he still sleeps.   I will add him to the bed upstairs once the other boys sound as peaceful.

And now for a new and improved feature:

Holly presents…

Free Advice to the World


Today’s advice is for those of you who own gas stations…even more specifically gas stations with outside restrooms.   You know who you are.   You make me come in and get a key on a humongous rope or chain which makes me *cringe* to even touch.   I then have to take the walk around the building (and it never seems obvious which way around) to the peeling paint metal door.   I unlock the door.   Take a deep breath and then search for the light.   Once the light is on I make sure that there isn’t a crime scene inside and plan my steps toward the toilet.   Carefully.   I am mentally noting what not to touch, continuing to hold my breath and searching for signs of toilet paper…

My advice for you is two-fold:


2.   The decorative fake ficus tree in the corner circa 1989 really isn’t necessary.

And now for the new and improved Fruit bowl…

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl

It is subtle…I didn’t want to get too crazy.

Fruit bowl contents: a bunch of 4 bananas and a yellow paperclip – the paperclip is yellower than the bananas.

And now for my final thought (which of course is new and improved):

A little thought for your Monday

May your Monday be themed with coordinating buttons…

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  1. First I would like to thank my family becouse they are who I am forever attached to.
    Second I would like to think Landry b/c with out him life would be so BORING!!!!
    Yea Me!! I’m the peep.. Who the peep.. Yah I’m the peep.. GO Me go Go Go Me..