In our quest to give our kids every opportunity to grow into confident healthy human beings, it's easy enough to be dazzled by all the 21st century advice on what’s best for our children to learn. But sometimes, just sometimes, going back to what our grandmas were doing, is a pretty good place to look for guidance

Nowadays, the skill of hand sewing, that is at once so practical and creative, is largely forgotten or over-looked. Many modern moms don't know how to sew and those who can sew, often don't sew with their kids ¦it's too messy, too dangerous, too slow ¦

But after teaching kids to sew for more than  20  years, I ™ve come to realize that all these reasons have one thing in common ¦they are all false. Teaching your kids how to sew is one of the best skills you can give to your kids.

teaching kids sew

Sew-a-Softie Day — Learn to Sew

To help to show moms (and dads ¦and grandparents ¦ anyone really) how good sewing can be, I ™m organising Sew-a- Softie day on July 16.

From July 1-16 sewers from around the world will post an easy-to-make softie tutorial on their blog. Other sewers will be teaching a friend or neighbour how to sew a simple softie. If you're interested in finding out what's happening you can join the Sew-a-Softie day facebook group.

teaching kids sew

So what's so good about sewing? My short answer is: hand sewing is a low cost, low tech, easy-to-take with you activity that teaches your kids a practical, highly useful skill.

It gives them hours of fun and nurtures their creativity and independence. And it's an activity that you can share together. It draws a family together rather than allowing members to isolate themselves.

If you're interested in a range of easy hand sewing activities to do with your kids these holidays, you can try your hand at sewing a simple softie from just two pieces of felt, a family of friendly monsters, or perhaps Froggy.

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