Remember Magic Rocks?

What a perfect find for experiment-loving little boy! I remember Magic Rocks from when I was little. Put in some little colored rocks, add some water and chemicals and voila! You’re growing crystals. It was a simple and easy.   I happened to find a kit at our favorite toy store, Constructive Playthings ( in Plano and I just had to get it.

Of course, Nicholas loved wearing his “safety” goggles and some of Daddy’s disposable gloves from the garage. Now he’s a REAL scientist!

Nicholas grew crystals and we were both amazed at how quickly the reaction started taking place. The shark stickers seemed cool at the time but they really block the view of the crystals.


  1. I still have mine! They’re in my kitchen. They have to be at least 20 years old…

  2. Those work better than the science experiment crystal growing sets! Too cute.

  3. Yes, and I remember those sea animals too lol. Boy, that does date me a bit!!

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