There are some moments when you read a piece of parenting advice  and it just happens to change the way that you think.   It changes the way that you parent.   These have done that for me. We share many viral posts on our Facebook page, but we are going to gather them here in one place, for easy access. Parenting Advice from Real Moms 1. THE REASON YOUR CHILD IS ANGRY Sneak Peek: Do you have a child who seems angry or aggressive and are wondering  what could be the real  reasons your child is angry?  Odds are in your favor that your  child is completely and totally normal, but getting to the root cause can save both you and your child a lot of heartache. Read more on Kids Activities Blog here.   2. HOW  YOUR ARE SETTING YOUR CHILD UP FOR FAILURE   Sneak Peek: Sometimes we even think we are being  good parents  while doing them because we only want our children to be happy.  Parenting is hard and sometimes our best intentions don’t have the results we expected.    Over the years, I ™ve had to work on making sure I’m not guilty of these 10 things myself.    It’s a constant self-check… Read more on the Cole Mines here.   3. TODDLER TANTRUM TACTICS Sneak Peek: Last week I wrote a post about my son hitting the tantrum stage and a bit about what I was learning through that. After posting I got an overwhelming amount of comments from mamas sharing that they are going through the same thing right now. It was so comforting to know I’m not the only one with an unruly toddler today. Read more on Beauty Through Imperfection here.   4. WHAT I NEED TO TELL HIM BEFORE HE IS 10 Sneak Peek: If you told me that I had kids that were old enough to write this post, I ™d tell you that you were crazy. That’s how fast time sneaks up on you. One day they are toddlers wanting to spend time with only you and the next day they are almost teenagers, wanting to spend their time playing outside with friends. It goes faster than we know. Read more on Your Modern Dad.   5. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT? DO YOU EVEN HAVE KIDS? Sneak Peek: Enjoy every minute of it is the most well-meaning piece of parenting advice, and yet, the most ridiculously delusional. This sentiment is the hallmark of parents suffering from some kind of advanced parental amnesia where the reality of having kids has been replaced with the idea that a gratitude journal is the answer to all of life’s problems. While I envy the amnesia, in the midst of parenting the only thing a gratitude journal is good for is hiding the cover of Fifty Shades of Grey at the playground. (I know none of you read it. It sold 100 millions copies because I’m the only one who read it.) Read more on Huffington Post here.   6. 34 REAL THOUGHTS EVERY SLEEP-DEPRIVED MOM CAN RELATE TO Sneak Peek: Every new parent has been there ” learning to function without sleep. Even if you were a pro at it in college, it’s now a completely different experience of feeling partially numb for an amazing reason. And if you thought you’d stop doing stupid things once you gave birth and the pregnancy brain was over, think again! Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, every new mom can relate to these partially unpleasant thoughts that sneak up when you’re woken up every hour on the hour and start to feel like a milk machine. Read more on Pop Sugar here. 7. WHY IT’S GREAT TO HAVE A STUBBORN CHILD  Sneak Peek: Years ago, in preschool, a teacher sent my youngest child, Ainsley, to sit by herself until she was ready to talk about something she’d done wrong. She sat through circle time. She sat through snack time. She sat through recess and story time and music. It wasn’t until lunchtime that she finally decided to talk. The teacher was surprised by her determination. Me? Not so much. Her grandmother, a former school principal, sought to reassure me: You want a strong-willed child. Those are the ones who don’t follow their friends into trouble in high school. That didn’t make me feel better when I faced off against this fiery little creature, who had strong opinions on everything from clothing to bedtime to whether carrot sticks should ever be on the same plate as apple slices. New research, though, shows that grandma was right. Read more on Time. 8. MOTHERHOOD DID NOT TAKE THE WEIRD OUT OF ME Sneak Peek: I first realized I was a weird mom before I was technically a mother. I was pregnant, sporting a plump belly and afflicted with unending nausea and a broken rib, and perusing the baby aisle of a Target. I was lost amidst bedding, ducks, monkeys, weird miniature zoo animals with gigantic eyes and tiny bodies, matching curtains, and frilly crib things I didn’t even know the names of. Read more on Scary Mommy here. 9. TOP 5 TIPS TO BE A MORE PATIENT MOM Sneak Peek: We complicate motherhood. We complicate life. Today let’s chat about the top 5 tips to be a more patient mama. Motherhood has challenged my patience more than anything else in my life. If you are like me, I bet you have tried a million things to be more patient with yourself and with your kiddos. Whew, I have tried it all. Read more on BMoore Healthy here. 10. THE PARENTING TIP YOU ARE MISSING TO END POWER STRUGGLES Sneak Peek: It all started with the elevator buttons. We were leaving the house. I was in a hurry to get him off to school, and I pushed the elevator button. This was the beginning of toddler power struggle number one. He wanted to push the elevator button. He was super frustrated. Pushing the button makes him feel useful and independent at an age when he is highly dependent on help from me.Read more on Military Wife and Mom here. If you want more popular parenting posts, check out a few of our latest ones: My Child Has Meltdowns Over Everything 6 ways parents create picky eaters You can find even more posts like this on our Facebook page.

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