NASCAR Weekend at Texas Motor Speedway via Chevy

Here are two accounts of the weekend’s festivities at Texas Motor Speedway due to Chevy’s generosity to Burb Mom readers.

The first story comes from Laurie who writes from the West side of the Metroplex at Tip Junkie.   If you haven’t read Tip Junkie, then head over there after you read this.   Laurie has all sorts of fun tips (duh) and give-aways.   Something is ALWAYS happening over there.   Here is her story from Whrrl:

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The second story comes from Andie of Andie Smith Photography.   Andie speaks softly and carries a big camera.   Her camera commands respect…and her photos are amazing. You will feel like you went to the races after seeing her story from Whrrl:

More stories at Texas Motor Speedway
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I was lucky enough to hang out on Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway with both these girls…so much fun.
Thanks Laurie and Andie!
Thanks Chevy!


  1. ANDIE SPEAKS SOFTLY?!?!?!? I missed that!

    Awesome photos all! Sunday was fun too, but you girls look like you had a ball on Saturday!

  2. Ha! I may have to revise the Andie statement…!

  3. I thought the same thing…Andie speaks softly my big butt! Andie….my friend….what are you teaching these women? Ha!

    We had a great time!

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