Did You Know There’s A New Safe Google For Your Kids?

It’s true! It’s called Kiddle and after spending the day testing the ins and outs of it yesterday I’m happy to report that it’s pretty much the coolest thing the Internet has ever given the ten and under set, with the exception of Minecraft.

Kiddle By Google square

So what IS Kiddle, exactly?

Kiddle was designed by Google and by some of its top editors to be a search engine that not only filters out adult content, but offers pre-filtered content that’s more understandable and relatable for younger kiddo’s. I say younger because while you still may want to use adult-filtering with tweens and teens, you also want them to have access to certain content that isn’t accessible on Kiddle…but I’ll explain that later.

The first thing you need to know is how to get there. Kiddle is a .co address, so just type in: www.Kiddle.co. I’m telling you this because when I first tried to go there I tried .com and then .org, and neither of those are correct (which you probably already inferred, but ya know). So just remember to bookmark the .co and you’ll be good.

The layout is adorable and perfect for kiddo’s: it’s a robot on a planetary surface, just hanging out ready to answer questions.

Everything else looks pretty much exactly the same as Google. Same search box, same options for Web, Images, News, and Videos, but once you start searching that’s where things change. Just check out Google’s explanation below!

Kiddle Explanation Kids Activities Blog

Cool, right?

Now let’s get down to what you really want to know: how well does the filter ACTUALLY work. Well…I tested it for you. Here’s what happens when you type ‘butt’ into the Kiddle search field:

Kiddle Filter

Or let’s try one of the favorite swear words in my house ‘dang’:

Kiddle Filter 2

Trust me, I tried LOTS more, but I think you get the picture. These filters are perfect for younger kiddo’s and since you (the parent) can submit other words or combinations that your special little someone’s might come up with for review, you can help safeguard the site in the future.

As for the older kiddo’s, if they try to write a report on ‘flower reproduction’ but just type in ‘reproduction’, that comes up as a bad word, too. So if they’re using Kiddle, they just have to be more specific in their search, or else come to you to access regular Google.

So my review? I am blown away and completely happy with what I’ve been able to find (and not had to see) on Kiddle. I think this is a fantastic, accessible, and age appropriate tool to help keep those internet-savvy littles searching without having to see Kanye’s wife’s tuckus.

Not saying you should let them run wild on the internet, but if you’re cooking dinner and they’re searching on Kiddle, you can rest assured Google has your back.

Kiddle By Google Kids Activities Blog