Paper Cup Party Spinners  are a  simple trick I use for making kids’ birthday parties fabulous and fun! These  classic party decorations can be expensive and risk the chance of only being used once because the theme of your child’s party will change from year to year. So we made them out of paper cups!

These Paper Cup Party Spinners are such an easy decoration for any kind of celebration!

Paper Cup Party Spinners

Different colored paper cups can be used depending on the theme of the party! Perhaps  blue and orange for a superhero party ¦pink and purple for girl’s party ¦or, red and green for an Angry Birds party.

The options are endless!

Paper Cup Party Spinners take minutes to make. Kids love the way they bounce and whirl!

Materials and Directions

  • Paper Cups
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String

This craft couldn’t be easier! Simply begin by gathering your materials.

Paper Cup Party Spinners - Easy to make and fun too!

Begin cutting the paper cup from the open side,  swirling with the cup as you move to the top.

Paper Cup Party Spinner Tutorial

If you cut thin strips, your party spinner will be long and stretchy. If you cut thick strips, your party spinner will be short and less bouncy. I think it’s fun to make a variety!

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Paper Cup Party Spinners

Next, use the scissors to snip off the white fold.

Paper Cup Party Spinners

Secure a piece of ribbon, string, or twine to the bottom of the cup with clear tape.

Party Hack! Paper Cup Party Spinners!

Hang, enjoy, and celebrate!

Paper Cup Party Spinners

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Paper Cup Party Spinners  ” Easy Party Decoration Hack!

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