Sci-Tech Discovery Center – Grossology

A few months ago the Sci-Tech Discovery Center opened it’s doors for the first time with the traveling show, Grossology.

Grossology - feature

It is located in Frisco in a warehouse setting that will be getting a complete overhaul this spring.   The Sci-Tech Discovery Center is a place for kids to learn about science in a fun and hands-on way.

Because I have three boys – ages 3, 6 and 8 – I figured that Grossology would be something they would enjoy.   At this stage, anything having to do with bodily functions is hysterical.   I am not usually one to encourage this, BUT science is involved!

Let's Play Grossology

The Grossology exhibit is a series of learning stations covering all sorts of gross stuff.   Each station has interactive play and plenty of grossness.

Sniff Station at Grossology

This area has actual disgusting smells to sniff and then you can guess where in the body that smell can be found.   Yes, my boys actually enjoyed this station. I will admit to faking a few sniffs just to stop the “mommy, smell this!”   demands.

That Sucks at Grossology

Throughout the displays are gross facts.   This one made me thankful I am a mom here in Texas.

Large walk-in nose at Grossology

I was a bit fascinated by the walk-through nose.   Once inside you are treated to an actual sneeze.   It gets a little breezy.

Rhett makes snot at Grossology

There are scheduled activities, “lectures” and events at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center.   This is an impromptu snot-making station that Rhett, my three year old thought was really cool.   So cool that the combo of glue, borax and water is still in a sticky wad contained in a Ziploc bag in my purse.

Grossology skin climbing wall

This station is all about skin and the grossness that can occur – scabs, wounds, warts, etc.     The boys didn’t think twice about using a pimple or ingrown hair to climb up the wall.

Gas Attack pinball machine

Yep, that is Rhett playing Gas Attack pinball in this corner of the room devoted to all things gas-y.

Urine the game

And then there was Urine: the Game.   My husband set the daily high score in a matter of minutes proving that completing medical school is helpful in sorting the body’s waste products.   He was very proud.   We were all proud.

Operation game

The life size Operation Game was my very favorite part of the exhibit.   It played just like the home version except the femur was several pounds and removed with salad tongs.  


Rhett runs through the stomach

Rhett slid down the esophagus and ran through the stomach on his way to the intestines…

Pooped out

…and then through the colon where he was pooped out.  


More information about the Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco can be found on their website. This attraction seems to be the start of something fun.


  1. I am sooo mad at you!!! I so want to go!!! Pick up teh phone why dont ya!!

  2. Brad Bush says:

    As a Sci-Tech board member, I just want to say thanks for the great write-up and all your wonderful comments. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  3. That’s me making snot with your son – glad he liked it! I had fun with your guys there too!

  4. I’m with Melissa….ringy dingy dingy…

    We are going to make a trip out there..

  5. Jonathan Smalls says:

    This is so cool. I have to gross out my friend with this one. Great place for kids to express there ideas about gross things.

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