Our homeschool group went on a tour of California Pizza Kitchen in Grapevine last week.

California Pizza Kitchen Tour

CPK gives private tours to groups (who make prior arrangements) before they open for lunch.   The lesson started with some basic food safety information and a trip to the California Pizza Kitchen sink for a round of handwashing.

Kids washing hands

The kids were then set up at the pizza-making bar to create their own personal pizza.

So   many choices.

So many possibilities.

So much indecision!

Kids making pizzas

Once the pizza creating was completed, the pizzas were taken to the CPK pizza oven.

Just like snowflakes, no two pizzas were alike…

six pizzas made by kids

While the pizzas were in the oven, we took a tour of the rest of the kitchen.   We saw the gigantic dishwasher.   We toured the walk-in fridge.   We admired the well organized pantry.   We were even shown how the soda machines work.


Then it was pizza eating time!

Rhett dove right into his signature sauceless broccoli and chicken pizza sans cheese.

And ate it up!

Rhett's pizza

I was inspired by the menu cheat sheet station.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have something like this hanging in your kitchen to show you exactly what is for dinner and how to arrange it on the plate?

Cheat sheet station

I am working on the home version…right now.

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  1. I was so impressed that it was FREE! They gave kids & moms drinks before the tour, the kids all got a pizza each, and it didn’t cost a thing. We pooled our money for a tip for the tour leader, but I really like the fact that CPK doesn’t charge for this tour. I would have paid to do it!

  2. Your home school group always finds the NEATEST trips to go on! And P.S. I totally LOVE the idea of a kitchen cheat sheet station – what multi-tasking person wouldn’t love that??? Go for it!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! We are homeschoolers in Fort Worth and are always looking for fun field trips!!